The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

Waiting too long to replace a lost tooth can present many challenges. Learn more about what can happen if you don’t replace your missing teeth and your options for treating tooth loss.

How To Handle A Dental Emergency

Whether it is a fall, a car accident or a sports injury that harms your teeth, you will want to act immediately to repair the damage and alleviate the pain before it gets worse. Learn more about what you should do if you have a dental emergency.

Chronic Jaw Pain? Your Dentist Can Help

When the muscles that connect your jaws don’t function as they should, you may have a condition known as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Learn more about your TMJ pain and how your dentist can help.

Common Oral Hygiene Mistakes to Avoid

Oral hygiene is essential to preventing serious gum and tooth issues, such as cavities. Learn more about some of the common oral hygiene mistakes you should correct to help ensure good oral health.

Caring for Your Baby’s Teeth

Although most babies won’t get their teeth until they are about six months old, you should start cleaning your baby’s gums soon after they are born. Learn some tips and tricks on how you can start your baby off with a healthy smile.

How COVID-19 Will Change Dentistry Forever

It probably goes without saying that after we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, a visit to the dentist’s office will never be the same.

Am I Flossing Correctly?

Daily flossing is an important part of your oral health care routine. However, if you don’t use the right technique, you can’t reap the benefits of your efforts. Keep reading to learn how to floss properly.

Dental Implants, Dentures And The Right Option For You

When you lose teeth, you want them replaced soon. But how to replace them can be a difficult decision. This post looks at the differences between dental implants and dentures, the benefits of each, and how to determine which option is right for you.

Five Reasons You Might Need a Crown

Dental crowns fix a variety of problems and help significantly extend a tooth’s life. Let’s look at a few reasons why your dentist may recommend a crown and the types of crowns available.

Are Your Headaches Caused By Your Teeth?

Muscle tension is a leading contributing factor in a majority of headaches. In many cases, this muscle tension is related to dental problems. Learn more about the relationship between your teeth and your head pain.

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