With 2021 around the corner and only a few weeks left in 2020, now is the time to review your remaining dental benefits. That’s because most dental insurance plans cycle on a traditional calendar year, and you will lose any unused benefits at the end of December. At McLean DDS, we can help you understand how to utilize all of your remaining benefits to maintain great oral health in the new year.

Here are tips to maximize your 2020 benefits:

  • Understand your plan. The first step to getting the most out of your insurance benefits is to understand how your plan works and if you have any remaining preventive services covered in that plan. Contact your insurance company to determine what unused benefits are left for this year — if any. Remember, those benefits won’t roll over to the new year, so use remaining benefits ASAP.
  • Schedule your final cleaning. Most insurance policies cover 100% of preventive dental services — such as two professional cleanings a year. If you haven’t scheduled your second cleaning and checkup, contact our office to set up an appointment before the year ends. You may have benefits waiting to be used that will otherwise expire on Dec. 31.
  • Split dental treatment between two years. Have you already met your yearly deductible but have yet to reach your annual maximum? If so, it is possible to save money by starting dental treatment now — such as implants, crowns, braces and other procedures that require more than one appointment. By starting a long-term treatment plan in 2020, you can exhaust your yearly maximum and split the cost of the procedure over two years. This allows you to maximize this year’s benefits, and then use your renewed benefits to cover the remaining balance in 2021.
  • Prioritize your dental health in the new year. Did you know that putting off routine dental care puts you at risk for more serious health issues — even heart disease and stroke? Take the time now to prioritize your dental health in 2021 by scheduling routine cleanings and exams. In addition to good oral hygiene, receiving regular preventive care from your dentist is one of the best ways to benefit your oral and overall health. During a dental visit, your dentist can diagnose and treat dental diseases early, saving you and your family from extensive treatment and more costly dental procedures down the road.

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