Traditionally, dentists used large metal trays and putty-like plaster material to take impressions of a patient’s upper and lower jaw. This process was often inaccurate, required hours in the dental lab and was uncomfortable for patients.

Thanks to advances in dental technology, new digital health scanning has emerged to help prevent, diagnose and treat a variety of dental issues without the use of messy, conventional molds. At McLean DDS, we are proud to offer the iTero scanner as a convenient, efficient and improved alternative to traditional impressions.

The iTero scanner is an innovative 3D computer-imaging technology that digitally captures the detailed structure of the teeth and gums through a series of pictures in as little as five minutes.

How iTero Digital Imaging Works

The process for having your mouth scanned with iTero is quick and straightforward. It works by creating a 3D image of your teeth with a small, radiation-free wand scanner. Patients simply sit comfortably while the dentist gently moves the handheld wand around the patient’s mouth to capture dozens of unique images of the teeth and gums in just minutes without the mess and discomfort of traditional mold impressions. The advanced iTero software then compiles all of the images into an interactive, easy-to-see 3D model for the dentist and patient to view.

Benefits of iTero Scanner

The iTero scanner offers a superior digital model of the mouth to help diagnose and treat dental issues for an improved in-office experience.

The many benefits of iTero dental impressions include:

  • Comfortable: The quick, noninvasive process reduces chair time and eliminates the risks of gagging or swallowing caused by traditional, messy mold impressions.
  • Accuracy: The iTero scanner captures the details of the teeth and gums to produce an extremely accurate 3D digital model in minutes.
  • Versatile: The iTero scanner can be used for a variety of dental issues or treatments such as braces, fillings, implants, crowns and more.
  • Convenient: The scanning process quickly creates a digital simulation of your upper and lower teeth. Patients can immediately view an interactive 3D rendering of their mouth, and the dentist can explain problems and the best course of treatment.

Who Can Benefit From iTero?

At McLean DDS, we use iTero digital scanning as a helpful tool for evaluating and treating our new patients’ teeth, gums and bites. The innovative scanner is ideal for all patients as it provides our dentists with a thorough health assessment of the inside of the mouth. Based on our findings, we can help determine the best course of action to improve the appearance and function of your teeth. Patients planning for Invisalign® treatment or dental restorations, including crowns or bridges, can also benefit greatly from iTero scanning.

Additionally, we use the digital scans as an opportunity to educate our patients. The iTero software can be used to simulate what a patient’s teeth would look like after treatment is completed. The digital images are retained indefinitely so that patients and providers can track or compare the progress of any dental treatments. The scanner also allows us to time lapse the progression of recession or tooth wear even without treatment.

Bottomline: The iTero digital scanner is revolutionizing the effectiveness of dental imaging — allowing dentists to create more accurate, predictable patient treatment plans than ever before.

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