You may not have had braces as a child, but it’s never too late to correct crooked or crowded teeth with orthodontic treatment — even in your adult years. Keep reading to learn about the advantages of seeking orthodontic care later in life, as well as your treatment options, including traditional braces and Invisalign®.

What Are the Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment As an Adult?
Undergoing orthodontic treatment as an adult offers many life-changing benefits. Here are a few reasons why more and more adults are improving their teeth with braces:

  • Orthodontic treatment can correct misaligned teeth, poor bites, and teeth that are too crowded or abnormally spaced. These conditions increase your risk for common dental problems over time, such as tooth decay, gum disease and excessive wearing of tooth surfaces (which will likely worsen without treatment).
  • Jaw pain or headaches caused by improper bites may be relieved with braces.
  • Straight teeth are easier to clean with regular brushing and flossing habits. With reduced plaque and food debris in the mouth, you are less likely to encounter tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Braces help boost confidence and improve smile imperfections you may have been self-conscious about for years.

What Are My Treatment Options?
Today, patients have numerous treatment options for improving crooked teeth and misaligned bites. Ultimately, the best option for you depends on your unique dental needs and preferences. Your dentist can advise you as to what will work best with your lifestyle. Popular types of braces for adults include:

  • Metal braces: Traditional metal braces are the most common type. Today’s metal braces are more discreet and comfortable than they were in previous decades. They work to move your teeth to their final, desired position using metal brackets and archwires that are bonded to the teeth.
  • Propel Orthodontics: At McLean DDS, we offer award-winning Propel Orthodontics, which uses the body’s biology to stimulate bone surrounding the teeth. This accelerates the movement of teeth and allows patients to complete their treatment in less time and with fewer visits to our office.
  • Invisalign®: Invisalign® is one of the most popular teeth-straightening treatments for adults, thanks to its clear, inconspicuous aligners. A new series of plastic aligners are replaced every two weeks to gradually move the teeth into their correct position. The aligners are easily removed to eat and clean your teeth, which means there are no dietary restrictions or special instructions for maintaining oral health during treatment.

How Do I Get Started?
oday’s modern orthodontic solutions are more effective, comfortable and subtle than ever. If you are considering orthodontic treatment as an adult, our team at McLean DDS can help. During an initial consultation, we can determine an appropriate treatment plan and discuss various options for your needs and goals. Schedule a consultation with our office today to learn more.

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